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39.2 miles from Holden Beach NC, NC
8044 Market Street Ste A,
Wilmington, NC, 28411
Dr. Stephen J. Kaluzne
Developmental Optometrist
Neuro-cognitive Enhancement Therapy
Post-Concussion/TBI Visual Evaluations

Developmental optometrist with years of experience specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of vision related learning problems and visual efficiency and/or visual processing issues, including ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, reading dysfunctions, and post-concussion/TBI . In addition, Dr. Kaluzne has years of experience with Sports Vision evaluations, Sports Vision Training, including visual motor enhancement, reaction time training. 1-Putt Golf School- where we teach the art and science of putting.
42.8 miles from Holden Beach NC, NC
4886 Socastee Blvd.,
Myrtle Beach, SC, 29588
Dr. Mark T. Dean FCOVD
Board Certified in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation (FCOVD)
Optometric Physician
Sports Vision consultant for the Chanticleers Baseball team

Dr. Mark T. Dean from Grand Strand Vision Service is an Optometric Physician who works with both children and adults, who have vision problems that interfere with their ability to read, learn, comprehend, play sports…and even pay attention. Dr. Dean's special vision care program helps people a lot. This special care is different than prescribing glasses for eyesight or prescribing contact lenses for cosmetic purposes and different than prescribing medicine for red and sore eyes. Dr. Dean is also the Sports Vision consultant for the Chanticleers Baseball team.
140.2 miles from Holden Beach NC, NC
10207 Cerny , Ste. 100,
Raleigh, NC, 27617
Dr. Susan Licata Durham FCOVD
Board Certified in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation (FCOVD)
Dr. Pooja J. Patel FAAO
Fellow, American Academy of Optometry
Dr. Durham is a Fellow in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) and a member of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA). With a highly trained and dedicated staff, we are committed to helping patients with vision problems that go beyond 20/20.
144.6 miles from Holden Beach NC, NC
610 Jones Ferry Rd.,Ste. 200
Carrboro, NC, 27510
Dr. R. Blair Woodard
Behavioral Optometrist
Complete family eye care with a specialty in Vision Therapy
160.7 miles from Holden Beach NC, NC
1620 Browning Road,
Columbia, SC, 29210
Dr. John L. Brinkley FCOVD
Board Certified in Vision Therapy (FCOVD)
Dr. Katie Davis-Tarver FCOVD
Board Certified in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation (FCOVD)
Shannon MacMillan COVT
We strive to help people see better, maintain good eye health and use their eyes more efficiently. The Vision Therapy Institute of South Carolina is a specialty clinic that offers Comprehensive and Specialty Vision Testing and Vision Therapy (non-surgical vision improvement programs). We have convenient hours and take many insurance plans.

Vision Therapy — also known as visual rehabilitation, eye training or vision training (including sports vision training) — is a highly successful treatment for vision problems related to many conditions or diagnoses, such as: lazy eye, double vision, traumatic brain injury (TBI), concussion and/or post-concussion syndrome, ADD/ADHD and other attention deficit disorders, convergence insufficiency, visual processing disorders, eye tracking and eye teaming deficits, lack of depth perception or 3D stereoscopic vision, problems with sports performance and/or hand-eye coordination, autism spectrum disorders and much more.

Undetected binocular (two-eyed) vision problems or visual processing disorders can cause difficulties with reading fluency, speed, and comprehension, standardized testing or timed tests, homework completion, sports performance and sports vision training and much more.