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List of States & Countries / New York / Optometrists near Geneva NY, New York
33.4 miles from Geneva NY, NY
20 Allens Creek Rd., Ste. 1,
Rochester, NY, 14618
Joan Kaplow O.D.
Jennifer Bateman O.D., FAAO
Fellow, American Academy of Optometry (FAAO)
If you’re looking for quality eye care with a personal touch, give us a call. We look forward to the opportunity of serving your entire family’s
vision care needs. We use the latest technology and diagnostic equipment in our eye exams to evaluate visual function and to assess and diagnose eye disease. This enables us to evaluate for serious eye conditions that might not present symptoms in their initial, yet most treatable, stages.
38.5 miles from Geneva NY, NY
322 N. Aurora St.,
Ithaca, NY, 14850
Larry Wallace O.D., Ph.D.
Behavioral Optometrist
Neuro Rehabilitation Optometrist, Certified Low Vision, and Postural Rehabilitation Specialist
Low Vision Eye Care Specialist

Dr. Larry B. Wallace is a behavioral optometrist who has practiced for over 40 years in Ithaca, NY. He is the former President and current education director for the College of Syntonic Optometry, an organization dedicated to education and research in photo- therapy. He is former President of the International Light Association. He is a certified low vision, and Postural Rehabilitation specialist. He has invented and patented the first micro-current device to treat retinal disease.
44.3 miles from Geneva NY, NY
60 Presidential Plaza,
Syracuse, NY, 13202
Leonard Savedoff O.D.
David Ciccone O.D.
Drs. Savedoff and Ciccone are both developmental optometrists who provide Vision Therapy. Every doctor in our group is affiliated with the American Optometric Association, The American Academy of Optometry, as well as LaserView Center of CNY and The Bochner Laser Eye Institute (Toronto).

Vision Therapy — also known as visual rehabilitation, eye training or vision training (including sports vision training) — is a highly successful treatment for vision problems related to many conditions or diagnoses, such as: lazy eye, double vision, traumatic brain injury (TBI), concussion and/or post-concussion syndrome, ADD/ADHD and other attention deficit disorders, convergence insufficiency, visual processing disorders, eye tracking and eye teaming deficits, lack of depth perception or 3D stereoscopic vision, problems with sports performance and/or hand-eye coordination, autism spectrum disorders and much more.

Undetected binocular (two-eyed) vision problems or visual processing disorders can cause difficulties with reading fluency, speed, and comprehension, standardized testing or timed tests, homework completion, sports performance and sports vision training and much more.