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36.8 miles from Pittsfield MA, MA
1202 Troy-Schenectady Road,
Latham, NY, 12110
Dr. Robert S. Fox FCOVD
Board Certified in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation (FCOVD)
Neuro Developmental Optometrist

Dr. Fox specializes in the treatment of learning-related vision problems, Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), strabismus, amblyopia, and other functional vision problems. The use of Vision Therapy, lenses, filters, and prisms is central to his treatment programs. Dr. Fox is on staff at the Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital in Schenectady, NY. As such, he has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of vision problems related to brain injury and stroke.
60.7 miles from Pittsfield MA, MA
212 New London Tpke.,
Glastonbury, CT, 06033
Dr. Susan C. Danberg FCOVD
Board Certified in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation (FCOVD)
Behavioral Optometrist and Eye Specialist for Special Needs Patients
Former Global Clinical Advisor Special Olympics Health Program

Dr. Danberg offers comprehensive eye care services for children and adults, specializing in rehabilitative Vision Therapy for the treatment of vision problems which affect school and work performance. We provide contact lenses and thorough eye care for the whole family.We diagnose and treat vision problems associated with lazy eye, crossed eyes, developmental problems (LD, ADD and ADHD, etc.) as well as head injury, trauma and stroke. Dr. Susan Danberg is an expert eye doctor with decades of experience in providing eye and vision care to people of all ages with special needs. Dr. Danberg was a volunteer eye and vision specialist for Special Olympics for 25+ years.
65.6 miles from Pittsfield MA, MA
177 Main St.,
Spencer, MA, 01562
Dr. Brian Thamel
Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist
Dr. Valarie Ricciardi
Primary Eye Care
Contact Lens Specialist
Surgery co-management for Laser Vision Correction (Lasik surgery)

Dr. Nicole F. Horn Cerio
Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation
CRT Corneal Refractive Lenses Specialist

We are a full scope Optometric practice dedicated to providing the highest quality vision care to children and adults in a friendly, comfortable and professional atmosphere. We provide the very best and comprehensive vision exams and provide a full range of effective lenses and treatments to help any problems we might identify. At our affiliated practice Vision Rehabilitation Center of Worcester, we specialize in children's vision and learning related vision problems. The practice provides vision therapy to treat both children and adults.

Vision Therapy — also known as visual rehabilitation, eye training or vision training (including sports vision training) — is a highly successful treatment for vision problems related to many conditions or diagnoses, such as: lazy eye, double vision, traumatic brain injury (TBI), concussion and/or post-concussion syndrome, ADD/ADHD and other attention deficit disorders, convergence insufficiency, visual processing disorders, eye tracking and eye teaming deficits, lack of depth perception or 3D stereoscopic vision, problems with sports performance and/or hand-eye coordination, autism spectrum disorders and much more.

Undetected binocular (two-eyed) vision problems or visual processing disorders can cause difficulties with reading fluency, speed, and comprehension, standardized testing or timed tests, homework completion, sports performance and sports vision training and much more.