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19.4 miles from Post Falls, ID
104 S. Freya, Ste. 220,White Flag Building
Spokane, WA, 99202-4867
D. Todd Wylie O.D., FCOVD
Board Certified in Vision Therapy (FCOVD), Behavioral Optometrist
Providing comprehensive visual examinations for all ages, Dr. Wylie combines the use of state of the art equipment with old-fashioned listening skills t to best help each patient. Specialties include: Pediatric Optometry, learning related vision problems, neuro-optometric rehabilitation for head trauma and non-surgical myopia treatment with Ortho-K contact lenses.

Since 1982, Dr. Wylie and the caring staff of Advanced Eyecare Center have been striving to “Enhance Vision Today...To Help Reach Goals for Tomorrow.”
239.9 miles from Post Falls, ID
17130 Avondale Way NE, Suite 114,
Redmond, WA, 98052
Dr. Nancy Torgerson FCOVD
Board Certified in Vision Therapy (FCOVD)
Dr. Carrie Murphy O.D.
Dr. Cristin Mattione O.D.
Dr. Anita Maher O.D.
Dr. Kristi Jensen FCOVD
Board Certified in Vision Therapy (FCOVD)
Our Redmond location provides Vision Therapy services only.
243.1 miles from Post Falls, ID
11830 NE 128th St,Ste. 1
Kirkland, WA, 98034
Katherine Shen O.D.
Tracy Lin O.D.
Kristi Kading O.D., F.A.A.O., F.C.O.V.D
Board Certified in Vision Therapy and Visual Rehabilitation (FCOVD), Fellow, American Academy of Optometry (FAAO)
David Kading O.D.
Sarah Henderson O.D.
Medical Contact Lens Specialist, Orthokeratology Specialist
We are committed to providing all of our patients with personalized service and innovative products. We guarantee that you will have a unique experience at our office. Dr. Kristi Kading's post-doctoral residency training included Pediatric Eye Care, Vision Therapy, the Pediatric and Strabismus Referral Center, and Rehabilitative Vision Treatment. Dr. David Kading completed residency training in corneal disease, dry eye treatment, and fitting contact lenses for complex eye states.
243.2 miles from Post Falls, ID
12301 NE 10th Place,Place 10 Bldg., Ste. 302
Bellevue, WA, 98005
Theodore S. Kadet O.D., FCOVD
Board Certified in Vision Therapy (FCOVD), Optometric Physician
After many years of specialty optometry practice in Vision Therapy and Neuro-Optometric Visual Rehabilitation, Dr. Kadet continues to be energized by his work at Hope Clinic. Dr. Kadet is distinguished in the eye care field by his continued commitment and successes with helping children and adults' reading efficiency and by his work with the recovery of useful vision by Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivors.
246.5 miles from Post Falls, ID
16006 Ash Way, Ste. 100,Newberry Square
Lynnwood, WA, 98087
Dr. Nancy Torgerson FCOVD
Board Certified in Vision Therapy (FCOVD)
Dr. Carrie Murphy O.D.
Dr. Cristin Mattione O.D.
Dr. Anita Maher O.D.
Dr. Kristi Jensen FCOVD
Board Certified in Vision Therapy (FCOVD)
Leading doctor and practice in the profession! Decades of experience! Specialized Vision Care Services include: Neuro-Optometric Vision Evaluations, Binocular Vision Examinations, Visual Perceptual Assessments, Sensory Motor, Amblyopia & Strabismus Evaluations, Behavioral Optometric Vision Therapy, Neuro-Optometric Vision Rehabilitation, Orthoptics, Sports Vision, Therapy for Visual Problems Affecting Learning. Call us!

Vision Therapy — also known as visual rehabilitation, eye training or vision training (including sports vision training) — is a highly successful treatment for vision problems related to many conditions or diagnoses, such as: lazy eye, double vision, traumatic brain injury (TBI), concussion and/or post-concussion syndrome, ADD/ADHD and other attention deficit disorders, convergence insufficiency, visual processing disorders, eye tracking and eye teaming deficits, lack of depth perception or 3D stereoscopic vision, problems with sports performance and/or hand-eye coordination, autism spectrum disorders and much more.

Undetected binocular (two-eyed) vision problems or visual processing disorders can cause difficulties with reading fluency, speed, and comprehension, standardized testing or timed tests, homework completion, sports performance and sports vision training and much more.